Metropolis Purpose and Plan

Metropolis Purpose


Program Description:
The Greek Orthodox  Metropolis of San Francisco consists of 67 parishes and missions and three monasteries covering Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and California.  Under the direction of Metropolitan Gerasimos, the Metropolis supports the ministries and work of the local parish, and, through the life of the parish, extends its support to the Clergy and Laity.  Throughout the history of our Church, the role of the Bishop has been central to our faith and worship.  Information on the governance of the Metropolis, and the role of the Metropolitan, can be found online, excerpted here from the “Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s Uniform Regulations of the Archdiocese”.


Current Status:  To support parish ministries,  the Metropolis Strategic Plan has been created (see: http://www.sfstrategicplan.net).  This plan is the result of over 30 months of work and is based upon the input of over 200 clergy and parishioners who have channeled their ideas and recommendations into a single, comprehensive document.  The plan is currently in its implementation phase and parish leaders are active in sharing the news of the plan with their respective congregations.    In addition, the “Implementation Guide  provides key  information regarding the plans for implementation and the information  and graphics contained with the document can easily be adapted to support parish communications.


Recommended Parish Action:  Publish the referenced materials as a part of the regular Strategic Plan updates each parish provides to its community.


Anticipated Parish Impact:  Relatively low;  the content is for information only, unless a parish is active in developing its own strategic plan or expanding a ministry,  in which case the material should be closely reviewed.




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